Priority 2

Inspire students to explore their gifts and prepare them for the future.

Support post-secondary workforce readiness programs through the development of an individualized career and academic plan for each student.
Strategic Priority Two
Why is this important?Students need a clear and specific road map outlining the secondary coursework, service opportunities, and learning mindsets necessary for post- secondary academic or career success. 
Action steps related to the priorityPriority 2 – Detailed Action Plan
Evidence of ImplementationSee action steps, responsibilities, resource allocation, etc. for Strategic Priority 2.

Revise attendance intervention programs: Truancy Process

Revising Capstone rubrics and scoring. Integrate I-CAP [Individual Career and Academic Plan] and develop a plan for monitoring progress in grades 6-12. 

Senior Seminar

Middle School will be using an executive functioning program called Cerebrate.

Continued growth of the CTE program at both the High School and Middle School.

Expanding GT supports through content acceleration, including high order thinking strategies into content team lesson planning, and providing training in an advanced mathematics curriculum for one teacher per grade level at the elementary.
Evidence of ImpactAttendance
2023-2024 GT Analysis