Priority 3

Engaging families and community while capturing kids hearts and captivating their minds.

Implement positive school climates to capture kids’ hearts and captivate their minds.
Strategic Priority Three
Why is this important?Research verifies the need to create a safe and positive environment that is focused on establishing strong relationships between adults and students.  Our minority majority and high poverty student population justifies this being a priority.  The academic performance gaps that exist stem in part from students’ lack of understanding about and belief in the power of education to transform their opportunities for success both in school and after their schooling is completed.  This priority is about affecting that belief through student and family understandings.

San Luis Valley counties, including Rio Grande County, are frequently cited in national statistics for having high unemployment rates.  Families without earned income often suffer from increased levels of alcoholism, drug abuse, and domestic violence – with corresponding effects upon children.  Over 76% of the students enrolled in our schools qualify for free or reduced meals based on federal guidelines.  Students with these demographics are in need of these interventions.
Action steps related to the priorityPriority 3 – Detailed Action Plan
Evidence of ImplementationSee action steps, responsibilities, resource allocation, etc. for Strategic Priority 3:

Marsh, Bill Metz, and Middle School master schedules has allocated 15-30 minutes of required social emotional learning (SEL) time daily.

Bully Prevention Grant – Overview

PBIS matrixes, clear expectations, reward systems, etc. (PBIS, CKH, RJ)
Culture/Climate non-negotiables: Meet and greet, Good things, Social Contract, 4 Questions, Launch

2022-2023: Family, School, Community Partnership

Strengthened School Safety – Aquila Secruity team
(3 security members and 1 vehicle)
Evidence of ImpactSCAP Survey Results
BME Behavior Data
Secondary Behavior Data