Society for Science

Society for Science celebrates 100 educators chosen for the Advocate Program, inspiring future STEM leaders!

Society for Science (the Society), a distinguished leader in scientific and educational advancement, is pleased to share the names of 100 committed educators selected for the Advocate Program during the 2023-2024 school year. The Society is awarding a total of $326,000 to 100 teachers for student mentorship in STEM. In its ninth year, the Advocate Program acknowledges and applauds the dedication, tireless efforts and vital role that teachers and mentors play in empowering and guiding students, who will be the next generation of STEM problem solvers and critical thinkers. These students will undoubtedly emerge as the next wave of climate scientists, biotechnologists, data analysts, astronomers and engineers. A big congratulations go out to our very own Loree Harvey and Kristi-Lee Mathiesen for being chosen for the program!! See full article HERE!